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Identical Twins Have a Big Sister | by Linda Herron

Having twin siblings isn't a usual scenario for most people, and when it happens, the dynamics in the family can be quite different. Parents must raise two children simultaneously, and siblings must find their place and role in the family dynamic. But what happens when there's a third child in the mix, a big sister? How do identical twins feel as they grow up with an older sibling and navigate the unique challenges of having twin siblings?

The initial reaction of big sister

When a big sister first hears that she will have twin siblings, her reaction is usually excitement and anticipation. The thought of having two new siblings in the family is thrilling, and the possibilities of having two playmates to keep her company seem endless. Over time, however, caring for and looking after two younger siblings can take a toll on her, and her initial excitement may dwindle.

Sharing attention and resources

One of the most significant challenges that siblings of twins face is sharing attention and resources. Twins understandably require an enormous amount of their parent's time and energy, which can leave the older sibling feeling neglected, left out, or even resentful. Big sisters often have to help and support their parents in caring for the twins, which can significantly impact their social life, extracurricular activities, and academics.

Feeling left out

It's not uncommon for big sisters to feel left out or excluded from twin activities. Twins have a unique bond and dynamic, sometimes leaving the older sibling feeling like an outsider. They may think they don't fit in with the twins' group of friends or can't keep up with their twin siblings' pace. This can lead to feelings of isolation or loneliness.

Silver lining

Despite the challenges, having twins as siblings can also be a significant advantage. Big sisters have the unique opportunity to bond with their siblings in a way no one else can. They have a special relationship with their twin siblings and have witnessed their growth and development firsthand and bonding over their shared experiences. Being an older sibling can also give them a sense of purpose, responsibility, and leadership qualities that can be invaluable as they grow up and face various life challenges.

Growing up with twin siblings as an older sibling can be challenging, but the rewards of being part of that family dynamic can outweigh the difficulties. Big sisters have a unique opportunity to bond with their twin siblings, develop their leadership qualities, and build a sense of purpose. However, it's also essential to acknowledge and address the challenges and work together as a family to ensure everyone feels supported and included. Ultimately, having twin siblings and a big sister can create a tight-knit family dynamic that will last a lifetime.

By Linda Herron

An American Author

Children's Book Series

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Sep 04, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

You and your twin were lucky to have a wonderful big sister. She never seemed upset by you two. K always was so proud of you two. Your big sis is the best. Tina T

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