Twins Mac & Madi - Hardcover Story Bundle

Buy the bundle! Meet twins, Mac & Madi. They are identical twin girls with the same hair, same smile, and the same size. Not only do they look the same, but their birthday is the same each year. But this year, Mac and Madi have other ideas in mind. They are out to sass things up, to show that they can be individuals too. So, they made some changes to their birthday celebration, selected their own sport, and went on vacation. These books are fun as you experience the blessings and challenges in their journey. In these adventures, they find out that they like being the same, but they also like being different too.


What you get:

  • Mac & Madi's Surprise Hardcover
  • Mac & Madi  Get Sporty Hardcover
  • Mac & Madi's Vacation Hardcover

Twins Mac & Madi - Hardcover Story Bundle

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