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Twins Mac & Madi Play Field Hockey

Inspire your child to always try their best and never give up with this inspiring tale about fostering good sportsmanship!


Twins Mac & Madi are the youngest players on their team, and they’re always ready to give their best! But sometimes, the game doesn’t go their way. With the help of their wise coach, the twins learn that success isn’t just about the score… it’s about playing your best and always supporting your team through thick and thin!


Celebrate the joys of sports and embark on a memorable adventure with twins Mac & Madi as they discover essential lessons about teamwork, playing fair, and good sportsmanship! With an inspiring message about always trying your best, even when victory seems impossible, young readers ages 3-8 will adore discovering this colorful tale and developing a positive attitude toward sports.


Book details:

  • Features a Beautiful Rhyming Story With Unforgettable Characters & a Real-World Setting That Helps Children Absorb Positive Messages
  • Promotes Valuable Lessons About Being Good Sports, Playing Fair, Overcoming Setbacks With Grace, and always Supporting Your Teammates With Lots of Cheering and enthusiasm!
  • Helps Kids Manage Feelings of Frustration & Keep Their Spirits High, Even When The Game Isn’t Going Their Way
  • Makes a Brilliant Bedtime Story Or Teaching Tool For Parents & Educators Who Want To Instil Good Sportsmanship & Attitudes In Children
  • And Much More…


If you have a child who loves to play sports, or if you want to equip the next generation with a desire to practice good sportsmanship, Mac and Madi Play Field Hockey is a wonderful resource for parents, teachers, and counselors who want to help kids foster resilience and overcome defeats or setbacks without ever giving up.


Are you ready to empower your child with sportsmanship lessons that will stick with them for a lifetime? Then scroll up and grab your copy today!

Twins Mac & Madi Play Field Hockey

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