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Twins Mac & Madi's Big Sister

This adorable rhyming story inspires children to realize their self-worth and celebrate being themselves!


Twins Mac and Madi are local superstars! But their big sister Molly doesn’t have a twin of her own, and she often feels lonely and left out. Sometimes, it’s like she doesn’t even exist. But Mac and Madi love their big sister and are determined to show her that even though there’s only one of her, she’s special just the way she is!


Featuring a delightful rhyming story and gorgeous illustrations that bring these pages to life, this heartwarming children’s book inspires kids ages 8-10 to cherish their differences and develop their sense of self-worth. Inside, children will follow Molly and her twin sisters as she discovers that even though she sometimes feels envious of them, there are plenty of things that make her unique!


Book details:

  • Beautifully Crafted as a Heartwarming Story For Boys & Girls
  • Encourages Kids To Celebrate Their Differences & Embrace The Things That Make Them Unique
  • Makes a Perfect Read For Twins or Siblings Who Struggle With Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem
  • Reminds Kids That Even If You Feel Jealous of Others, People Are Envious of You
  • Great as a Fun & Colorful Gift Idea for Twins and Siblings You Know!
  • And So Much More...


As a must-read for parents or educators who want to help children realize their inner worth and stop comparing themselves to others, Twins Mac & Madi’s Big Sister is an entertaining and educational book that helps twins and non-twins alike learn to appreciate their unique selves.


Are you ready to help your child celebrate the things that make him or her special? Then scroll up and grab your copy now!



Twins Mac & Madi's Big Sister

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