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Linda Herron



Linda is a children’s author, proud Rhode Islander, and identical twin who loves to craft heartwarming tales about the magic bond between siblings. With first-hand experience of the joys and struggles that being an identical twin entails, Linda was inspired to write a series of fun children’s stories to help kids embrace their differences and cherish their special relationship with their sister or brother.


As a seasoned financial expert by day, when Linda isn’t dreaming up new children’s stories to delight and entertain her readers, she’s writing business articles and blogs. Her financial expertise has been featured in major media outlets including American Express, LendingTree, and Daily Business News. Currently, Linda enjoys the sunny weather in California, but she often returns to Rhode Island to spend time with her beloved family. 


A fun and heartwarming tale about twins who embrace their individuality and their twinship!

Mac and Madi are twins, which means they have the same smile, hair, and even the same birthday! 

The twin book series has vibrant, colorful illustrations, and the stories are adorable. These delightful children’s books explore the importance of individuality and being yourself. Kids of all ages will love this exciting tale, discovering a valuable lesson while enjoying a relatable story with endearing characters. 

The Twins Mac & Madi' series promises;

  • An excellent read for all ages, primarily 3-8.

  • It teaches a valuable lesson about individuality and being yourself.

  • Fun twin books with colorful illustrations.

  • Great for families with identical twins, fraternal twins, and expecting parents of multiples.

  • Perfect for bedtime stories, group reading, storytimes, and one-on-one.

  • It makes a lovely gift for birthdays, stocking stuffers, holidays, and more!

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