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How Book Reviews Help Indie Authors Reach Readers | by Linda Herron

Updated: May 21, 2023

Writing a book for Indie Authors is no small feat. Never mind getting their books into the hands of readers. One major task is ensuring people know about your book and want to review it. Let’s look at why book reviews are so important for indie authors.

The Power of Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools for promoting your book. People will trust family and friends in their opinions about books more than any other type of advertisement or promotion. It would be great if everyone you knew bought your book and gave it five-star reviews, but that’s not realistic (unless you’re lucky!). However, by getting your book reviewed by trusted sources, you can still get an honest opinion from someone outside your circle who can help spread the word about your work.

Reviews as Social Proof

Positive reviews also serve as social proof - when people see others reading your book, they will be more likely to pick up a copy themselves. When respected outlets like magazines or newspapers review your book, it validates all the next purchases. And seeing reviews from a well-known source assures potential readers that they will enjoy the book too. It builds credibility for indie authors because it shows that their work has been “vetted” by an outside party who deemed it worthy enough for publication or review.

Marketing Benefits

Reviews can help with marketing efforts for indie authors by creating a buzz around your book through reviews. You will reach more potential readers and help boost sales even further. Thus, having positive press behind you is invaluable when promoting yourself as an author and building an audience for your work!

In closing, an Independent author with excellent reviews shows potential readers that others enjoyed your book and gives them the confidence to purchase a copy. It aids in new opportunities for promotion and engagement with readers. So if you want people to read and love your work, don’t forget to ask and get honest reviews!


By Linda Herron

American Author

Children's Book Series


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