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Preparing for Twins: Do I Really Need Two of Everything?

Updated: Jun 20

Expecting twins brings a unique mix of joy and challenges. As you prepare for your bundles of joy, you might wonder, "Do I really need two of everything?" While certain items are essential in pairs, others can be shared between your twins. This guide will help you navigate your shopping list and make informed decisions, ensuring you’re well-prepared without unnecessary duplication.

Twin girls with blone hair are sitting together, one in a peach-orange shirt is looking down while one in a yellow shirt is writing something with a pen.

Assessing Needs vs. Wants

When preparing for twins, it's crucial to distinguish between what you need and what you want. While it might seem easier to just double up on everything, this isn't always necessary or practical. It’s essential to consider a variety of factors such as your space, budget, and usage. Do you have enough room for two of everything? Can you afford two of each item, or is it better to prioritize? Will both babies need the item simultaneously?

Nursery Essentials


Changing Table and Dresser: One changing table and dresser can suffice if organized efficiently. Having designated spaces for each baby’s items can help streamline diaper changes and outfit selections.


Sheets and Blankets: Having multiple sets of sheets and blankets is essential, as laundry will be frequent. However, you don’t necessarily need double the amount you would for one baby.

Swaddles and Sleep Sacks: These are important for each baby’s sleep routine, so ensure you have enough for both, taking into account frequent changes and washes.

Feeding Supplies

Breastfeeding vs. Bottle Feeding

Breast Pump: If you’re breastfeeding, a quality breast pump is essential. You don’t need two pumps, but having extra parts can be helpful.

Bottles and Nipples: Each baby will need their own set of bottles and nipples, but you don’t need an excessive number. Start with a few and adjust as needed.

High Chairs and Feeding Chairs

High Chairs: You will eventually need two high chairs, but this can wait until your twins are ready for solid foods. Until then, you might find bouncy seats or portable high chairs more convenient.

Twin boys are lying side-by-side, both wearing shirts with Mickey Mouse on them.

Clothing and Diapering


Outfits: Twins typically need the same number of outfits as singletons, just doubled. Focus on practical and easy-to-wash clothing, considering the season and growth spurts.

Seasonal Considerations: Plan for the appropriate season, but don’t overbuy, as babies grow quickly and may not need as many clothes as you think.

Diapers and Changing Supplies

Diapers: You will go through diapers quickly, so stock up. However, consider starting with smaller packs to ensure you find a brand that works for both babies.

Changing Station: One well-stocked changing station is usually sufficient. Organize it with enough supplies to avoid running back and forth.

Travel and Transportation

Car Seats

Car Seats: Safety regulations require each baby to have their own car seat. Invest in high-quality, safe car seats for peace of mind.


Strollers: A double stroller is often more convenient than two single strollers. Look for one that fits your lifestyle, whether it’s for jogging, city strolling, or travel.

Baby Carriers and Slings

Babywearing: Baby carriers and slings can be lifesavers, allowing you to carry both babies or have one parent carry one baby each. This is especially useful for bonding and mobility.

Newborn twin babies are wrapped in a brown blanket, lying on a cream fur blanket.

Playtime and Development

Toys and Entertainment

Toys: While it’s tempting to buy two of every toy, twins can often share. Focus on a variety of toys that encourage different types of play and development.

Playpen and Activity Centers

Playpen: One large playpen can accommodate both twins, providing a safe space for them to play together. Activity centers can also be shared, although having more than one can be beneficial as they grow and develop individual preferences.

A Well-Prepared Home Is Possible

Preparing for twins doesn’t necessarily mean you need two of everything. By carefully assessing your needs, space, and budget, you can ensure you’re well-prepared without unnecessary excess. Focus on the essentials, be flexible, and enjoy the unique journey of raising twins.

Embrace the adventure of parenting twins with confidence. While the initial preparation may seem daunting, with careful planning and smart choices, you’ll be ready to welcome your babies into a loving, well-prepared home.

For more thoughts on twins, visit the Twins Mac & Madi blog. I also wrote several children’s books about the adventures of twins Mac and Madi, which are available for purchase now!

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