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Twins Mac & Madi - Children's Book Series is about individuality | by Linda Herron

Updated: May 21, 2023

In simple terms, the children's stories are educational and help twins thrive.

These stories are always about twins and their experiences in everyday events. The author uses general themes (like birthdays, sports, vacations, and now Christmas (coming soon)) to display the inner workings of twins' experiences. Many things go undetected because most people on the surface are too busy comparing them instead of meeting each of them.

Twins Mac & Madi's stories educate (parents, children, social workers, and teachers...) about individuality. This will develop healthy twins and keep healthy relationships as they become adults.

Parenting with individuality in mind will help twins create their own identities. This will accomplish that twin do not see themselves as a unit (The Twins). As twins age, they can struggle with their identities as they become adults.

The author helps readers understand it is okay to be the same and it is okay to be different, too. For instance, in Twins Mac & Madi’s Birthday book, Mac chooses German Chocolate cake as Madi chooses Vanilla Funfetti. Also, in “Twins Mac & Madi Get Sporty,” Madi chooses soccer while Mac chooses tennis. The journey to these events and their decisions is a sweet story. This will help other twins maybe contemplate whether they like the same or want something different from their twin.

The Twins Mac & Madi’s Series allows twins to speak up if they want to choose differently and not what society expects.

I hope this helps you understand Twins Mac & Madi stories. The stories spark conversations around individuality with parents, children, teachers, and social workers.


By Linda Herron

American Author

Children's Book Series


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