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Book Award for Twins Mac & Madi | by Linda Herron

Updated: May 21


Twins Mac & Madi's Birthday received a book award from Maincrest Media.

Children's Book Award Judging Criteria

Plot: The story is original and engaging. The book follows a clear, logical progression. The writing encourages readers to stretch their imaginations.

Character: The author's portrayal of the characters is memorable and believable. The character's goals and motivations have been well established. The character's growth and conflicts evoke a strong emotional response in the reader.

Theme: The book has a strong, unifying theme. The book presents new, original ideas or topics. The book appeals to readers emotionally or logically.

Style: The author's word choice, sentence fluency, voice, and tone have been well established. The author uses descriptive imagery where appropriate. The author's use of language enhances the overall reading experience.

Appeal to target audience: The book's target audience is clear, and the contents of the book are in line with other highly regarded books in its genre. The book has a professional interior layout, typeface, and/or illustrations. The book includes relevant front and back matter to explain key plot elements, characters, and setting to enhance a reader's overall experience. The book is free from grammatical, spelling, and/or punctuation errors.


"Twins Mac & Madi's Birthday by Linda Herron is a charming story about twins Mac and Madi, as they plan their 6th birthday and uncover how their strengths and differences make them stronger. The overall concept of the plot is very unique and creative. In addition, the rhyming text makes this book a great read-aloud story with a few lines on each page, and it's perfect for children just learning to read. Young ones will be captivated by the double-spread illustrations. They are full of color and convey each character's emotions very well. Powerful themes of family and recognizing how our similarities and differences can make us stronger underlie the light-hearted, engaging plot. The book's format is well organized, with information about the author and a guide to help parents raise twins at the end. "

"Overall, Twins Mac & Madi's Birthday will help young readers experience friendship, compassion, strength, and love in an engaging, wholesome way."


By Linda Herron

American Author

Children's Book Series

Twins Mac & Madi

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