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Grateful for Book Reviews on Twins Mac & Madi Picture Books | by Linda Herron

Updated: May 21, 2023

A fun tale about twins celebrating their Birthday!

Mac and Madi are twins, meaning they have the same smile, hair, and birthday! But this year, they want to do something different – something that will show the world they like being the same, but they also like being different too…

Packed with vibrant, colorful illustrations and an adorable story, this delightful children’s book explores the importance of individuality and being yourself. Kids of all ages will love this exciting tale, discovering a valuable lesson while enjoying a relatable story with endearing characters. An ideal read for twins to help them find their identities and practice personal growth, Twins Mac & Madi’s Birthday will quickly become their favorite book!

Review by Bookworm for Kids:

"The wonderful relationship twins can have shines and makes readers (who don't have a twin) wish they had one, too.

Mac and Madi are twins and match everything from clothes to food to favorite things. They are the happiest of sisters and love being twins. When their birthday rolls around, they always have a big party and are excited about having one this year. But unlike other years, they want to shake things up a bit. They may be twins and get along splendidly, but each has their favorite things. So, they decided to have two cakes, two sets of decorations, two outfits, and two meals...all simultaneously. But now, they aren't sure if their family and friends will be as excited about the idea as they are.

This is a cute book geared for twins and shows their struggle when displaying individuality. Mac and Madi get along very well throughout the book and support each other no matter what without the slightest hesitation. This sibling love is inspiring and was nice to see. Interestingly enough, they are worried their friends and family won't like them showing individuality....which is an original twist.

The reader gets to know the twins first and how they are always alike before they show the differences in opinions while preparing their party. This was done in a fun way and probably had readers wishing they could attend the party, too. I was a little surprised that the girls ordered cakes, went clothes shopping, and everything else all on their own without their parent's knowledge, but that doesn't really hurt the main point of the tale in any way since this one is about accepting differences and helping twins to know that it's okay if they aren't alike...and others. And it fulfills this purpose completely. At the end of the book, there is a note to parents about raising twins as well."


From the Author - Linda Herron

I am always surprised and grateful when someone takes time out of their day to write a review on my twin books. I know the world is moving fast, and we all are trying to get through the day fulfilling our obligations. As for me, I am busy as a financial expert and have limited time to market and write twin books. So I want to say OUTLOUD, "I am so GRATEFUL for the kindness I receive on the Twins Mac & Madi book series and the reviews that are written for the books."


By Linda Herron

American Author

Children's Book Series


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