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Many Reasons Why People Write Books | by Linda Herron

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Have you ever wondered why people write books? Is it to entertain, educate, or enlighten readers? Or is there more to it than that? The truth is, there are countless reasons as to why someone would pick up a pen and start writing. Some may have a story that needs to be told, while others want to express their thoughts and feelings. But for me, writing the Twins Mac & Madi book series was an accident. I wanted to write a business book, and I needed to learn the self-publishing process first. So, I came up with writing a tester book that would not impact my financial career. So Twins Mac & Madi's Birthday was the tester book. And who knew it would be that much fun, so I kept writing (six books and a seventh on its way as I write this blog). In these books, each twin has a distinct personality and interests, and they learn to appreciate each other's differences even though they are similar in many ways.

To Tell a Story:

Have you ever wondered why people write books? Is it to entertain, educate, or enlighten readers? Or is there more to it than books to tell a story? This can be a fictional tale or a non-fictional account of real-life events. Either way, the author wants to engage their readers and take them on a thrilling journey. They may want to explore different themes or topics or create a memorable experience for their audience. For me, each book is written from my personal twin story with fun adventures in mind.

To Educate or Enlighten:

Another reason why people write books is to educate or enlighten readers. They may want to share their knowledge and expertise on a particular subject, or they may want to shed light on a specific issue that is important to them. I wanted to share the twin world from the perspective of an identical twin. I think lots of people are intrigued by identical twins. And I hear a common comment, "I wish I had a twin." And the memorized look on their face when they experience us communicating and laughing. This was my ordinary life! :)

To Entertain:

A third reason why people write books is to entertain readers. They want to provide an enjoyable experience for their audience, whether it's through comedy, drama, romance, or suspense. They may also want to evoke certain emotions or feelings in their readers, such as empathy, joy, or sadness. Twins Mac & Madi series was written for children to experience fun, friendship, family, and love. And to shine the light on the identical twin experience.

To Leave a Legacy:

Some authors may write books to leave a legacy for future generations. They may want to document their family history or share their life story with others. This can be a way of passing on valuable lessons and experiences to their loved ones. I did not consider that for the Twins Mac & Madi book series. But lately, I think about who I would pass these books on to and who would care for them as I do at 4:00 a.m. before my full-time job. :) It is a question that is still unanswered.

To Connect with Others:

Finally, some people write books to connect with others. They may want to share their struggles and experiences with readers who may be going through similar situations. This can provide a sense of comfort and community for both the author and the reader. Many people connect with me, but it was not my reason for writing the Twins Mac & Madi book series. At first, I hesitated to connect back with readers, but now I am a pro, and it is fun to chat about their everyday twin experiences.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why people write books. Whether entertain, educate, enlighten, leave a legacy, or connect with others, authors strive to capture their experiences and share them with the world. As for me, writing Twins Mac & Madi books is about shining a light into the twin world. Each book aims to teach valuable lessons about twinship, friendship, and acceptance in about five hundred words. Imagine that!! So, next time you pick up my twin book, know it starts from my personal story and then morphs into something else. :)

Happy reading!

By Linda Herron

An American Author

Children's Book Series


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