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Twins Mac & Madi Go Camping Coming Soon | by Linda Herron

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Book illustration:

To whet your appetite, I am absolutely delighted to share an exclusive sneak peek at one of the captivating illustrations from the upcoming book. This enchanting visual is just a tiny glimpse of the magical world that awaits you and your children in the new Twins Mac & Madi Go Camping book. The illustration showcases the twins embarking on a whimsical journey, and it's clear from their expressions that they're ready to take on whatever challenges and adventures lie ahead. As always, the illustrations in the new book are beautifully crafted and filled with intricate details that will spark the imagination of your little ones. I am confident that the artwork will draw your children into the story and help them relate even more to the characters and their adventures.

Book summary:

Embrace the joys of nature and embark on a delightful camping adventure with this fun and adorable children's book!

Get your tents and prepare for a fantastic camping trip with twins Mac and Madi! Whether your idea of fun is canoeing in a crystal-clear lake, hiking with friends through the forest, or singing songs around the campfire while enjoying delicious s'mores, kids and adults alike will adore this cute rhyming story as they discover all the joys of the Great Outdoors.

By Linda Herron

An American Author

Children's Book Series


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