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The Significance of Book Awards: An Author's Appreciation| by Linda Herron

Updated: May 24, 2023

When authors pour their heart and soul into their writing, the journey is often solitary and can feel like an uphill battle. But when you receive recognition for your work, it's a ray of light shining through all the hours of sweat, tears, and hard work. One way that authors get recognized for their hard work is through book awards. These awards represent a significant milestone in an author's career and are something to be celebrated. This blog will discuss why such book awards are important to authors and why we should strive to win one.

Boosts an Author's Confidence

Writing a book is an author's accomplishment, and winning awards makes it a fantastic professional achievement. It confirms that we're good at what they do and gives them the confidence to produce more work. Receiving recognition for our writing can affirm that our hard work was worthwhile.

Increases the book's visibility

Winning a book award undoubtedly increases the book's exposure to a much wider audience. Book awards provide an effective marketing tool for an author to promote their book. It adds credibility to our work, influences readers, and gets us a lot more traction on social media, giving new readers access to the author's work.

Elevates the author's prestige

Winning a book award also elevates an author's status in the writing community. It indicates that we have achieved a high level of excellence in our writing and the ability to stand out among our peers. It also gives them an edge regarding reading events and signing sessions in bookstores, where people are likelier to attend events by an award-winning author.

Opens new opportunities for an author

When an author wins an award, it captures the attention of literary agents and publishers, increasing the chances for future works to be published. It can also open up other avenues like meeting literary experts where an author can discuss their future career prospects or get constructive feedback so we can improve their craft.

Gives an author a sense of fulfillment

Finally, winning a book award gives a sense of fulfillment, validating the author's effort in their work. It gives us a sense of pride and inspires us to continue writing. Acknowledged for something that is a personal passion and calling brings a feeling of satisfaction that money can't buy.

Getting recognition for Twins Mac & Madi's work is a fundamental need of any artist, and winning a book award can make all the difference to an author. Whether it is a little-known prize or a globally recognized literary award, the recognition, publicity, career-boosting opportunities, and sense of accomplishment, they give an author are priceless. Hence, authors must strive to win book awards, not just for recognition but for the personal and professional benefits of the achievement.

We have won awards from Maincrest Media and Literary Titans for the Twins Mac & Madi Birthday and Twins Mac & Madi Back to School. This does fuel Linda Herron to keep writing the Twins Mac & Madi series to educate and write children's stories from an identical twin perspective.


By Linda Herron

American Author

Children's Book Series


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