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Twins Mac & Madi's Christmas Book | by Linda Herron

Updated: May 21, 2023

The holidays are approaching, and this series is a GREAT gift for twins, identical and fraternal, multiples, and siblings. The stories are fun and charming for the whole family.

Twins Mac and Madi’s Christmas is a fun and heartwarming children’s tale for ages 3-8 that celebrates the special bond between twins and siblings. With Christmas right around the corner, Mac and Madi are excited to begin the festivities and celebrate their favorite holiday – but even though they look identical, they have plenty of different opinions about what they want to do. But with guidance from Mom and Dad, the sisters can accept their differences and work together to make a Christmas that everyone can enjoy!

Specially written to cherish the unbreakable bond between siblings, Twins Mac & Madi’s Christmas is a beautiful storybook that imparts memorable themes of friendship, compassion, compromise, and embracing what makes us unique. This book is perfect for parents of twins and non-twins, sharing lovely moral lessons through adorable characters and gorgeous illustrations.


By Linda Herron

American Author

Children's Book Series


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